Tuesday, October 02, 2007


# Parfum : 20% perfume, 80% alcohol. Top & middle notes will lasts four to six hours. Also known as Perfume extract, ‘Perfume’ is the most concentrated and smoothest of the four types. Typically made up of a 20-40% concentration of scented compounds, perfume is definitely the most expensive to buy.

# Eau de Parfum (EDP) : 10-15% perfume, remainder alcohol.
An EDP scent will usually fade after four to five hours, but the edp base notes can linger for a 24 hour period. Fragrances with an EDP concentration are perfect if you need an all day scent.

# Eau de Toilette (EDT) : 5-12% perfume, remainder alcohol and water.
Top & middle notes will lasts 2 to 4 hours. This remains the best selling scent strength in the UK. Some people find that some EDT perfumes last a long while, but generally these are better left for night time use where the scent isn’t needed for as long.

# Eau de Cologne (EDC) : 2-3% perfume, remainder mostly water. Lasts about 2 hours.

# Eau Fraiche : 3% perfume, remainder mostly water. Lasts about 2 hours.

# Tester : had been produced as a tester unit for counter usage. The parfum ingredient is the same as normal selling perfumes. The testers set that we have are still full in size and not been used by anybody.


cheeca said...

mesra cepat dan betol.. hehe.. cam moto balai polis plak la kan.. anyway.., thanks yer.. your perfume is gud!!!